Wednesday, November 9, 2011

School Bluez: CANKS Foundation Anniversary

The City Alliance Nursery and Kindergarten School where Hayley is currently enrolled celebrated their Foundation Anniversary last October 14, 2011 through a one-day activity. They started with an early parade, followed by a devotional activity and a presentation from each classes.

Hayley participated the calisthenics presentation where they used a holla hoop as their props and dance to a  religious upbeat song. They were also joined by the Jollibee to make the day more fun and memorable for the pupils of CANKS. Hayley and Ate Lalaine joined the longest breath contest.

It was one warm day full of fun and laughter which is worth to be on Hayley's archive.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Hayley's Halloween 2011 Gimik

Hayley's Halloween 2011

In the US, Halloween is said to be the next Christmas. Here in the Philippines, where almost all its inhabitants are Christians, that thought is far from possible, for now.

Due to western influences, some exclusive subdivisions or villages in the Philippines organized Trick or Treat activities for its residents, Malls also joined the bandwagon by offering halloween special for its customers.

Hayley had her share of Halloween experience. Since we do not live in an exclusive subdivision who offers halloween activities and trick or treating is not in the vocabulary of our neighbors, we brought her to the mall to get a taste of Halloween.

Clad in a hand me down witch costume (thanks TATO and his adorable alaga) and an inexpensive registration, Hayley joined the very first FrightFest in General Santos City, mounted brought by a group called Circle of Arts at Gaisano Mall of Gensan.

Hayley @ Frightfest 2011

Still cannot get enough of the feast, when we visited our dearly departed at the Forest Lake Memorial Park, she again wore a costume, this time a Fairy, while she lent her witch costume to her friend.

Hayley @ Forest Lake

See you next Halloween!

Friday, October 14, 2011

Teaching Po at Opo!

Buwan ng Wika Celebration 2011

The problem with us Cebuanos are our often misunderstood tone of voice. People who are not used of our tone thinks that we are angry, always angry. Unlike the Ilonggos whose dialect are sweet sounding.

In this archipelago, where many dialects exist and when its people are divided by mountains and the waters, a common language is very important. That comes in the significance of celebrating Buwan ng Wika in our beloved country.

One thing good about our Pambansang Wika(National Language) - Filipino is its uniquely innate tone of respect. The "po" and "opo" for example, give me other language or dialect which has a term that will show respect especially for the elders. I cant think of one as of this writing. The use of "po" and "opo" should be continually practiced by the Filipinos by teaching its young through example.

Teach by example they said, if you practiced what you preach, it becomes more believable and consistent, thus the younger generation would surely follow. In the early talking stage of your children, make sure to incorporate the use of "po" and "opo" in talking to them. Once they get the hang of it, it would come out naturally for them. Every time you call out to them, the reply should either be "po" or "ano po yun?". If they fail to include "po" or "opo" in their reply, you should let them repeat their sentence until they include the words to their replies. Repetition is an effective way in habit formation.

It is also good to expose our children to different dialects aside from the Mother Tongue for them to grasp easily the school lessons by the time they go to school. This does not mean pressuring our children to speak in English for it would make them more "sosyal" or would make them sound "genius". Its commendable if our children can speak english during there early years, but let us keep in mind that communication skills is way better when our children will be understood and can understand clearly.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

School Bluez: 1st Prelim & Periodical Exam

What are your usual reactions when examination week is approaching? Stomach churn, hands sweaty, constant paranoia, yes, I know, i get it, we tend to get nervous.

So how will you take the fact that your preschooler will be taking their very first examinations? Excited? Maybe. Apprehensive? Probably. Clueless? Right. Whatever your reaction maybe, make sure not to pass on the negative vibe you are having to your child. Do not put on the pressure to your preschooler on ACING the exams. Remember they are still children, more learnings to encounter and more knowledge to store. 

The next move you probably take is to conduct study sessions with your little ones. Problem. She is too preoccupied with her favorite cartoon network shows or her toys. Well, here is some list of the lessons we learned as Hayley took her first written examinations:

1. Before examinations, we only checked her bags for assignments, minding not her other lessons. Now, we know that we should review everyday all her lessons for the day, for familiarization and memory retention. This will also help develop an excellent study habit at an early age.

2. Practice writing often. Practice. PRACTICE. Practice.

3. Play teacher to your preschooler. Patience is a MUST.

4. Have a conducive room for study time. Make sure your child will not be destructed either by noise or any activities by other members of the family. Invest a right-sized study table and a small whiteboard. They are also big factors for a good study habit.

5. Make studying a FUN activity. Do not pressure your child. Avoid scolding and punishing.

6. Practice a REWARD SYSTEM everytime she gets a good score!

some Hayley's exam results

Those are only few of our personal takes on studying with Hayley. As a result here are her scores:

SUBJECT                                      Prelim Score                                              Periodical Score
LANGUAGE                                      20/20                                                          18/20
READING                                          14/20                                                          18/20
FILIPINO                                           18/20                                                          20/20
MATH                                                16/20                                                          30/30
SCIENCE                                           13/15                                                          11/20
VALUES                                             20/20                                                          20/20

Keep it up Hayley Girl!

Sunday, July 24, 2011

School Bluez: 1st Memory Verse

One of the advantages of enrolling your preschoolers to a Christian School is their introduction  and their focus on the Bible teachings. Helping you in honing God-fearing citizens, instilling essentially good values  to your children which results to a less chaotic and stressful household. Much to our surprise, after almost a month of attending Kinder 1, Hayley already know by heart two memory verses.

The 1st verse she easily memorizes is  Psalm 139:14 "I praise You because I am fearfully and wonderfully made"- which serves as a reminder that Men are special beings since we are made in the likeness of our Creator. This further teaches that we should be forever thankful for who and what we are. 

The other one is Ecclesiastes 8:6 "There is the right time and the right way to do every thing." Focusing on the value of being RIGHTEOUS, they were thought good and proper conduct especially towards their classmates and peers. 

Friday, June 17, 2011


Being in the same room with Hayley for almost a week as she experience her first week of Back-to-School days, I  learned that there are different types of preschoolers that working parents might have missed out, since they they left the role of watching for their children to babysitters. 

 Here are few of my observations using Hayley's class:

They can be easily pointed among the crowd. These are those kids who participate every action songs, follow teachers' instructions swiftly or loves to do coloring and writing tasks. They also love to play with their classmates, and starts to form little ones clique. They are the easy-to-handle group. Also fond of calling the teacher's attention and seeks constant approval. More often than not the teacher's pet comes from this group.

One of the clingy to the mother/father/guardian/nanny kinds. They are those who needs constant companion. May it be inside the classroom or when being called to write something on the board. Likened to a turtle for their timidity and slowness. Opposite to the active type, they do not like to draw attention to themselves. If they cannot avoid the attention, they transform into a turtle trying to hide their face in any way they can, wanting to get inside their shell and be invisible for the meantime.

Expect that having them inside a class of 20 will always be in mayhem. Count 10 active types rolled into one and you will get the hyper kind. they are bound to destroy and distract. they easily gets bored that they tend to make a show to get everyone's attention. A teacher's needs a special skill and a bagful of patience on handling their type. A louder room than usual means presence of their type is among the herd. They usually instigate trouble among the other students which is one of the grueling tasks any early childhood teachers might encounter.

Almost like the Shy Type, the Cry baby are the clingy ones as well. They are sensitive in almost everything. They need to be handled with care if you do not want a bucketful of tears and whining distract the class. On the first week of classes, Cry Babies are everywhere, this is usually because of the Separation anxiety preschoolers normally experience. As days go by, the number of the criers also decreases especially when their type are being assured that they will be taken care of and if they develop friendship with their classmates. PATIENCE is still the key for the Cry babies to improved and level up to be with the Active Type.

Now, what type of preschooler your child is?

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

School Bluez: NEW UNIFORM

As school year 2011-2012 opens, our little girl Hayley will again go to school and this time as a Kindergarten. Good thing that we enrolled her last year in a public day care and she got a taste of what schooling is like. We will no longer have the separation anxiety blues with her. She now knows how to interact with other kids and she somehow know a bit of the basics.

Excited that we are, right after enrolling her, we went to check for a uniform. Way back, we usually have our uniform sewn by our dressmaker neighbor. Gone are the days when in a neighborhood you will find ten dressmakers in a population of fifty people. The sewers grew old became incapable then went on. You cannot find young generation of sewers/dressmakers in the neighborhood anymore. Now, we are having a hard time looking for a cheap yet good dressmaker to make Hayley's new uniform. Good thing, we found someone from the other village who makes quality uniforms for a reasonable price.

For some schools, they sell ready made uniforms for the transferee and freshies. You can either go to the nearest Malls for they might have the uniform you are looking for; or if you have all the money sources in the world, you can go to a high-end designer's boutique and have your uniform sewn there. 

If you are thinking of bulk orders of uniform, you may contact a dress shop who
can handle your order professionally or you can go check online, like for your
Nursing Scrub needs you may check this link:

Thursday, May 19, 2011

School Bluez: FIELD TRIP

Learning experience is not only confined in a Four-walled classroom. As adults always say, Experience is the greatest Teacher. So off for a Field Trip Hayley's class go!

It was a week before they end their classes that Teacher Meriam organized a field trip for these actively playful pre-schoolers. Parents and guardians shared the very same excitement the kids have. They went to four interesting places in one day.

Getting to meet the people who plays essential roles to their community would help the children understand that the place they live are made up of different types of people with different roles to play. It is also good to note that at early age they can identify different professions and the simple description of their jobs. Let them know that they can call a FIREMAN is there is a FIRE incident, a POLICEMAN if someone is in grave danger, a TRAFFIC ENFORCER if they want assistance on the road, etc...

Most children loves animals, household pets commonly. If children grows up in an Urban Community, the only animals they probably know and see are cats, dogs or fish inside an aquarium. The only introduction with farm animals may have been through books or during your road trips, when you point to your kids some animals you pass by like cow, horse, goat and other farm animals.

So, it is worth commending if the education provider you chosed, arranged a trip to a zoo or an animal farm for the kids. This may be their first time chance of seeing at close animals that we do not see anywhere. Crocodiles, Snakes, rare species of birds and the likes would surely make children interested. Aside from getting to know and see different kinds of animals, take the chance by letting the children know how to take care of these animals.

This, I do not understand. Why should children be brought to the place where a drink they should avoid drinking is mixed and bottled up. I just dont get it. Plus, they will be offered unlimited bottles of cola but you should finished it inside the establishment. 

Schools should think of where to take their pupils on a Field Trip. There are more places to take these children that is enjoyable and educational at the same time. 

Note to the Local Government: They should invest on museums, parks and library for the young Generals. Or if this suggestion is far from happening for now, they should at least look into the present situation of the Local Library or is it a Library? 

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

HAYLEY the Mighty FOUR

April 17, 2011 - A day before she turns Four, the family together with friends and relatives celebrated Hayley's birthday at the ABCD Stars Convention Center - Pool Area.

ABCD Stars Pool Area

Giving in to the celebrants' request, the venue obviously has a pool and themed "Little Mermaid". The tarpaulin and the cake are the only ones with Little Mermaid theme. The give-aways and toot bags are just plain kiddie stuff.

this years' cake is from Mix & Magic

Unlike last year, the party did not have any Parlor Games, the kids are very busy swimming that they did not even care to pause and look for other things to do beside to swim. The only time they got out of the water is when they were asked to join Hayley blow her cake and sing a birthday song for her. Then, its CHOWTIME for everyone.

Hayley's 4th Birthday Party is less exhausting. We even had time to make Give-Away Doll serves as a remembrance for those who joined Hayley as she turned Four. 

To those who celebrated with us, thank you for coming.

Hayley's Thank you: TO EVERYONE WHO SENT HER GIFTS! She enjoys all of it!

Our prayer is for our Little Hayley to appreciate the people that surrounds her and make use wisely of the blessings she enjoy greatly.

Here are more pictures from the party!

some of the party goers

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

JOIN HAYLEY on her 4th

Hello Friends!

This is a short notice.

Hayley will be turning Four on the 18th. Since April 18 is the start of Holy Monday, we cannot celebrate it that day. We we thinking a week-after celebration but then the prospect venue is booked that day so we will have it a day before her big day instead.

Remember the date. April 17, 2011. ABCD Stars Pool Area, Barangay San Isidro, General Santos City (near Malesido). Party starts at 4PM! Tag along the kids, its a Kiddie Party Afterall!

Yes. The Birthday Venue has a POOL, so bring with you your Swimsuits/Trunks or BoardShorts and White Shirts for the conservative ones if you wish to take a dip or swim the night away.

To help you in choosing gifts for Hayley, since she is now attending Pre-School, she would appreciate School Supplies (crayons, papers, drawing/coloring books, water colors, books, etc...), she adores Barbie and the Disney Princesses, so anything to do with them would surely make the little girl happy, the birthday girl also loves to dress-up, you may also choose a piece or two of clothings for her. Hehehe. This may look too much but I am just making life easier for you.

Here is a quick look of Louise Hayley Dulay's 4th Birthday Theme!

Come Join Hayley the Mermaid on her Birthday Party

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

School Bluez: Moving Up Ceremony

March 21, 2011Moving-Up Ceremony of Hayley’s Day Care took place at the Social Development Center one afternoon. This is a sort-of graduation/culmination ceremony after ten months of attending Day Care. What makes it different from the Graduation rights is the casual approach of this program compared to the serious and usually stiff program flow you get during graduation.

Messy and noisy yet funny! That is how I will describe the Moving-Up Ceremony. Given that it started an hour late, the children became giddy and restless even producing tantrums for some of them. Add up a hot venue, expect an almost riot situation. Well lets give it to them, kids will be kids. 

Excited and supportive that we are for our Little Hayley, we came before the Call Time with all the props ready at hand. We made sure that the camera(s) got enough memory and sufficient battery, her uniform and costumes were delicately pressed and the kids make-up kit is readily available.

Like the rest of her classmates, Hayley got two ribbons for her beaing Neat and Cheerful. She also got a Certificate of Smartness - MUSIC SMART.

The highlight of the ceremony came during the "Munting Pangarap" intermission of the Day Care Pupils. When they have to dress-up and speak on what they want when they grow up. 

A heartwarming scene also came when the pupils gave flowers to their parents.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

School Bluez: COLORING 101

purple for an eggplant
Remember Hayley's first coloring task? The Black Cake? From that day up to this very moment, Hayley comes a long way in terms of her coloring skills.

Enrolling her in a Day Care improved Hayley in different ways. She got more socially interactive, she can identify colors and she can color well. This may be not surprising for anyone at the age of three can do more than that, but again, since her first coloring task until this day, her coloring improved pretty much.

On her play time, she sometimes prefers to play with water colors or let her Ate's draw with her. A note to parents: Find time to sit down with your toddlers before you finally retire your tired body at night. Spend time with your kids doing arts and crafts or just simple coloring if you have no talent with the arts and crafts. You can find in the internet ready-to-color images that you may use for this bonding time. Internet is a friend, just google a favorite cartoon character or an animal that your child wants to color that day, and am sure Good ol' Google will give you an image you are looking for.

Problem. If your kids are so much into coloring and prefer to do the stuff on the wall of your house, if your budget allow you, you can buy them a sheet of plywood. You may get an Art Virtuoso out of your child. Let them explore. Buy them materials if their inclinations are really into it.

the infamous black cake

Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Kalilangan Festival of General Santos City is being celebrated in time for its Foundation Anniversary every February.

Last year, Hayley enjoyed the "KIDIG-KIDIG sa KADALANAN" or the Street Dancing Competition. (Click this to read article)

This year, Hayley skipped the streets and checked out the Barangay Competition for "Bahay Kubo" instead. The Kalingan Organizers this year focused on bringing culture at the limelight thus incorporated the Barangays in most of its activities and competitions. 

Barangays competed for the best designed Bahay Kubo or Nipa Hut, at the same time they were able to showcase their products following the DTI Project- One Barangay, One Product and earn from it. The Huts are located inside the Oval Plaza.

Hayley enjoying the Kubo

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

How to Make Your Child love FOOD - TIP NO. 1

Let's admit it, most eating days of our children is like going into battle. There will be a lot of shoving, hiding, running and to top it all shrieking. Picky Eaters are everywhere and this is definitely frustrating. Parents only wanted nothing but the best for their children, what more to be healthy especially at an early age.

Hayley for one is one big Picky Eater. Given that children are more sensitive to smell, texture and taste of food makes every feeding a little tedious. We have tried different tactics. Bribery. Punishment and all but it did not work, not until we discovered something effective.

This may work for toddlers. MAKE THEM HELP IN PREPARING THEIR MEALS. Allow them to watch closely as you cook. Let them do the taste test, put spices or ingredients and stir perhaps. That way, they would think that they are the one who cooked the food they are going to eat, making them appreciate the food and eat it without you being pushy. This works for Hayley. 

Lets bear in minds that the eating habits of our children also depends on our eating habits. 

Monday, January 10, 2011


I envy the young children today. They grew up in an era where they have easy access on almost everything. I was First Year high school when I first touched a computer keyboard and I was scared to break anything. Unlike today when kids as early as Three Years old got PSP's hanging on their fragile neck. These are the changes of our time that we definitely cannot stop.

In this day and age when kids are no longer afraid to touch those high-tech gadgets, their curiosity is extensively common.

Click to see Hayley's Photography

With the sudden sprouting of digital cameras that almost every upper class and average household has, kids are exposed at an early to photography. Little kids can clearly see that the older ones become so addicted of taking pictures and capturing the important events of their lives, that digital cameras become a staple for their everyday living. These kids may just be watching from afar at first, but leave your precious gadgets unattended and within their reach and they will start clicking away.

Most parents may be furious seeing their children holding their expensive cameras. DO NOT GET ANGRY. Do not ever SHOUT at them. Who left those cameras anyway? Instead, keep them more interested and slowly introduce them to the art of taking pictures.

"They might break the cameras", most parents may say. More likely, but if YOU SHOW THEM HOW THEN LET THEM TRY ,there is no more room for apprehension. Just be patient and generous with your encouragement and they will be taking pictures that will make you proud.

Isn't it good that you got something in common with your children? Loving to do the same thing means more time to spend with each other. 
Capitalize on kids curiosity, and sense of adventure when trying to capture their attention and really get them interested in digital photography. It is a fun and rewarding hobby that could actually turn into quite a profitable career, depending on your child's level of interest.  

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Hayley's Last Days of DECEMBER 2010

Welcome 2011! It may sound cliche' but yes time fly so fast. 2010 was a wonderful year for our dear Hayley. She formally started school. She can somehow communicate well. She graduated from her Potty Training and more! One thing we are looking forward for her 2011 is her saying goodbye to her bottles and gaining (a lot) weight.

So before we fill you up with things to do on this year of the rabbit, let us take a look on how she spent her December.

It was a busy December for Hayley so I'll give you some bits and pieces on how her December went. 

Starting off with her school's Christmas Party. The Party place is at Jollibee Highway, where else?. Ask any Pinoy kid which fast food they love best and they will tell you easily its JOLLIBEE! Hayley had fun with the parlor games they played. She proved that she can now follow simple directions and can be competitive in a good way. You can now bring Hayley to any children's party and expect her to be socializing. 

A party held at Jollibee would not be complete without the appearance of the dancing BEE of course - JOLLIBEE! If that bee is around, expect Hayley to be also on his heel.

By the way, this is Hayley's first Christmas Party, at least we got this recorded for future reference.

I tagged Hayley as I attended the 11th General Santos City Youth Achievers' Awarding at the City Hall. I was one of the adjudicator this year and just would not miss the Awarding. Bringing Hayley in this kind of event has its UPS and DOWNS. With BIG people around her, she becomes shy and timid at first. She would never give a chance of losing you from her side. That explains the picture below. But I am proud of Hayley that day, for she seem to know that where we are is a serious event and she never gave me TANTRUMS, despite the fact that she is sleepy. She did sleep in the middle of the program by the way.

I brought her to that event with the thought in my mind that one day, Hayley will be among the Young Achievers of the city.

Hayley's 3rd Christmas Eve Celebration. It was a busy day for the whole family. Last minute shopping, gift wrapping and cooking should have tire her out but the little girl in pink on a Christmas eve was super active. She attended Mass, played with her cousin, danced, sang and waited for the exchanging and opening of gifts. It was a very merry Christmas for Hayley and the rest of the family.

Still cannot get over with the party hours before, Hayley and mama woke up early and distributed toys and candies to the kids in the neighborhood. It is good that in early age, children are taught the goodness of sharing. Let them discover the happiness of doing good to others which they would surely remember as they grow old.

Another party for Hayley was during Mama's Christmas Party with her group. Hayley and the rest of the family did not miss the chance of going upon learning that the venue is at the ABCD Stars Convention Center. The exclusivity of the pool area is what we love most. They have a stand by LIFEGUARD which most of the local resorts in the city do not have. They have this small round pool for toddlers (just the right size for Hayley) and a large pool with 9 feet as the deepest part. The pool area is best for parties with an expected guest of not more than one hundred. ABCD Stars will be featured on my other blog.

New year's eve for Hayley was unlike her Christmas Eve. Straight from the mass Little Hayley fell asleep. And she only woke up just in time for the much awaited Fireworks from the neighborhood. Turotot was also her constant companion that time. The weather was not that friendly as the Philippines welcome the year of the rabbit, so Hayley was not her giddy usual self. 

 As already mentioned, we hope for a heavier and healthier Hayley this 2011! 

Have a 
Dear Readers!