Friday, June 17, 2011


Being in the same room with Hayley for almost a week as she experience her first week of Back-to-School days, I  learned that there are different types of preschoolers that working parents might have missed out, since they they left the role of watching for their children to babysitters. 

 Here are few of my observations using Hayley's class:

They can be easily pointed among the crowd. These are those kids who participate every action songs, follow teachers' instructions swiftly or loves to do coloring and writing tasks. They also love to play with their classmates, and starts to form little ones clique. They are the easy-to-handle group. Also fond of calling the teacher's attention and seeks constant approval. More often than not the teacher's pet comes from this group.

One of the clingy to the mother/father/guardian/nanny kinds. They are those who needs constant companion. May it be inside the classroom or when being called to write something on the board. Likened to a turtle for their timidity and slowness. Opposite to the active type, they do not like to draw attention to themselves. If they cannot avoid the attention, they transform into a turtle trying to hide their face in any way they can, wanting to get inside their shell and be invisible for the meantime.

Expect that having them inside a class of 20 will always be in mayhem. Count 10 active types rolled into one and you will get the hyper kind. they are bound to destroy and distract. they easily gets bored that they tend to make a show to get everyone's attention. A teacher's needs a special skill and a bagful of patience on handling their type. A louder room than usual means presence of their type is among the herd. They usually instigate trouble among the other students which is one of the grueling tasks any early childhood teachers might encounter.

Almost like the Shy Type, the Cry baby are the clingy ones as well. They are sensitive in almost everything. They need to be handled with care if you do not want a bucketful of tears and whining distract the class. On the first week of classes, Cry Babies are everywhere, this is usually because of the Separation anxiety preschoolers normally experience. As days go by, the number of the criers also decreases especially when their type are being assured that they will be taken care of and if they develop friendship with their classmates. PATIENCE is still the key for the Cry babies to improved and level up to be with the Active Type.

Now, what type of preschooler your child is?

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