Wednesday, April 27, 2011

HAYLEY the Mighty FOUR

April 17, 2011 - A day before she turns Four, the family together with friends and relatives celebrated Hayley's birthday at the ABCD Stars Convention Center - Pool Area.

ABCD Stars Pool Area

Giving in to the celebrants' request, the venue obviously has a pool and themed "Little Mermaid". The tarpaulin and the cake are the only ones with Little Mermaid theme. The give-aways and toot bags are just plain kiddie stuff.

this years' cake is from Mix & Magic

Unlike last year, the party did not have any Parlor Games, the kids are very busy swimming that they did not even care to pause and look for other things to do beside to swim. The only time they got out of the water is when they were asked to join Hayley blow her cake and sing a birthday song for her. Then, its CHOWTIME for everyone.

Hayley's 4th Birthday Party is less exhausting. We even had time to make Give-Away Doll serves as a remembrance for those who joined Hayley as she turned Four. 

To those who celebrated with us, thank you for coming.

Hayley's Thank you: TO EVERYONE WHO SENT HER GIFTS! She enjoys all of it!

Our prayer is for our Little Hayley to appreciate the people that surrounds her and make use wisely of the blessings she enjoy greatly.

Here are more pictures from the party!

some of the party goers

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

JOIN HAYLEY on her 4th

Hello Friends!

This is a short notice.

Hayley will be turning Four on the 18th. Since April 18 is the start of Holy Monday, we cannot celebrate it that day. We we thinking a week-after celebration but then the prospect venue is booked that day so we will have it a day before her big day instead.

Remember the date. April 17, 2011. ABCD Stars Pool Area, Barangay San Isidro, General Santos City (near Malesido). Party starts at 4PM! Tag along the kids, its a Kiddie Party Afterall!

Yes. The Birthday Venue has a POOL, so bring with you your Swimsuits/Trunks or BoardShorts and White Shirts for the conservative ones if you wish to take a dip or swim the night away.

To help you in choosing gifts for Hayley, since she is now attending Pre-School, she would appreciate School Supplies (crayons, papers, drawing/coloring books, water colors, books, etc...), she adores Barbie and the Disney Princesses, so anything to do with them would surely make the little girl happy, the birthday girl also loves to dress-up, you may also choose a piece or two of clothings for her. Hehehe. This may look too much but I am just making life easier for you.

Here is a quick look of Louise Hayley Dulay's 4th Birthday Theme!

Come Join Hayley the Mermaid on her Birthday Party