Thursday, May 19, 2011

School Bluez: FIELD TRIP

Learning experience is not only confined in a Four-walled classroom. As adults always say, Experience is the greatest Teacher. So off for a Field Trip Hayley's class go!

It was a week before they end their classes that Teacher Meriam organized a field trip for these actively playful pre-schoolers. Parents and guardians shared the very same excitement the kids have. They went to four interesting places in one day.

Getting to meet the people who plays essential roles to their community would help the children understand that the place they live are made up of different types of people with different roles to play. It is also good to note that at early age they can identify different professions and the simple description of their jobs. Let them know that they can call a FIREMAN is there is a FIRE incident, a POLICEMAN if someone is in grave danger, a TRAFFIC ENFORCER if they want assistance on the road, etc...

Most children loves animals, household pets commonly. If children grows up in an Urban Community, the only animals they probably know and see are cats, dogs or fish inside an aquarium. The only introduction with farm animals may have been through books or during your road trips, when you point to your kids some animals you pass by like cow, horse, goat and other farm animals.

So, it is worth commending if the education provider you chosed, arranged a trip to a zoo or an animal farm for the kids. This may be their first time chance of seeing at close animals that we do not see anywhere. Crocodiles, Snakes, rare species of birds and the likes would surely make children interested. Aside from getting to know and see different kinds of animals, take the chance by letting the children know how to take care of these animals.

This, I do not understand. Why should children be brought to the place where a drink they should avoid drinking is mixed and bottled up. I just dont get it. Plus, they will be offered unlimited bottles of cola but you should finished it inside the establishment. 

Schools should think of where to take their pupils on a Field Trip. There are more places to take these children that is enjoyable and educational at the same time. 

Note to the Local Government: They should invest on museums, parks and library for the young Generals. Or if this suggestion is far from happening for now, they should at least look into the present situation of the Local Library or is it a Library?