Tuesday, September 25, 2012

School Bluez: PET DAY HOORAY!

The Class with their Pets

For a first Show and Tell activity at Hayley's school, the teachers arranged a Pet Day where pupils are to bring their pets at school. It is one exciting activity for the kids of course where they can show off their pets to their peers and practice their communication skills at the same time eradicate stage fright for those shy little ones.

Not all families have pet in the house, may it be for health restriction or space restriction, some just don't have any pet. So, mommy's would troop to the nearest pet shop to buy a small and expensive pet that their children can bring to school.

For Hayley, we had trouble deciding which pet to bring. See, we have two dogs, fishes and lovebirds in the house. She wanted to bring our dogs but we discouraged her for safety purpose, then she wanted to bring a lovebird which is possible if we still have small cage. So, she opted to bring not only a fish but a sort of school of fish for her Pet Day!

Hayley's Fish