Tuesday, December 14, 2010


This is the nth entry for Hayley's Box where Hayley is either on a beach or a pool!

There are two kinds of kids. Does who are afraid of water and those who you cannot take away from the seashore or a pool once you put them near any of it. 

There is nothing wrong in loving the waters. Do not be so stiff if your children ask you to go swimming with them. Take time to play and enjoy the waters with them. That way, you are teaching your  child to love the waters and learn to swim faster. But do not be too complacent. Make sure to look after them. Give them enough space to learn but still keep your eyes on them. 

Watching from afar

On the other hand, if your kids are not at ease with the waters, do not force them to go in the water right away. Let them feel the sand on their feet first. Allow them to just be on the sidelines while the other kids are enjoying the waves. WAIT. Wait till they tell you that they wanted to get in to the water. That way, you will not scare the kid.You do not want crying babies while you are on the beach right?

Testing the waters

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Children's Month Celebration goes FREAK SHOW

October for Day Care Centers mean Children's Month! As practiced, on the third week of the month of October, its culmination is celebrated in different ways. Here in General Santos City, the Day Care Centers under the supervision of the City Social Welfare and Development Office done a series of competition among different Day Cares. Quiz bee, Draw and Tell, Folk Dance among others are the competition held.

As their culminating activity, they usually encourage their pupils to join the sort-of Beauty Pageant( i do not know what they call it). There is nothing competitive about it cause all you have to do is register your child by paying a certain amount and wait if your child's name has been luckily chosen by means of draw lots. In short it is a GAME OF LUCK. 

Now comes the Coronation Day, where you have to dress you kids up like GROWN-UPS! Making them wear those itchy and tight gowns and overdoing their make-up. Add up a disorganized program and the boiling hot weather, expect the kids' TEMPER GO WILD till they end up on your arms, sleeping. Good thing, Hayley decided to wear a comfortable dress to use for the event going away from the norm and we got this HAPPY PICTURE.


papa's girl
tired baby


Let them enjoy their 
childhood nice and slowly 
or you'll end up saying: 

Sunday, September 26, 2010


My dear readers, 
if by chance you been following Hayley's Box 
for some time already, 
you probably are aware 
how bubbly this little girl is. 
Sometimes she also gets pretty mean, 
which is alarming and quiet pestering. 
Here I am sharing her infamous

Thursday, August 26, 2010


Last Thursday, Hayley and I had the chance to go to a 45-minute ride away from General Santos City resort named Villa Real! If you happen to go to and fro Gensan and Davao from time to time, I am sure you know where this resort is located. 

Far from the hustle and bustle of a busy Metro, Villa Real Resort is located in the hills of Malungon, Sarangani Province. With two large swimming pool, numbers of open cottages and rooms to stay, the place is availably  good venue for group retreat or other functions that you need complete focus.

Going away from the stressful city,

Villa Real Resort is a nice place 

to reflect and be one with nature, 

as you appreciate life at its simplest form.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Hayley got AH1N1Vaccine Shot

Early last year, the Philippines was shook with a viral disease called AHN1N1 or popularly known as "Swine Flu". Thousands were infected by the virus and there were also numbers of reported fatality in the country.
As a pro-active measure, a vaccine was developed to prevent the wide spread of AH1N1 virus. Today, it is widely available and even being given out free.
The Local Government of General Santos thru the City Health Office has been giving out free shots all over the city. Going from barangays to barangays, there first targets are those in the high risk group identified as health workers, doctors, and nurses. Afterwards, it was the children and the senior citizens who benefited with the free vaccine.
Our Hayley is among those who got her free vaccine. She was crying the whole time but at least she is protected.

Haven't got your child's AH1N1 Vaccine? Ask the Health Centers near you!

Protect your child from AH1N1!

Friday, August 6, 2010

School Bluez: Hayley's Nutrition Month Culmination

Last July 29, 2010, Hayley's Day Care had a culminating program for the Nutrition Month. The first ever activity for our school girl, she was her usual hyper self and indeed very ecstatic.

Her class performed the infamous "MAKULAY ANG BUHAY"( I'm not sure with the title), with different kinds of healthy foods as their head pieces.

Meanwhile, the parents had a simple food preparation contest and we are proud that our group won.

More school activities to come!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Hayley's 1st encounter with KRISPY KREME

Just like the hollywood celebrities Tom Cruise, Adam Sandler, Usher, Beyonce and Madonna among others, Hayley's first taste of Krispy Kreme made her an instant fan. From my last trip to Metro, I made sure to bring for the very first time not only a box but boxes of Krispy Kreme - Glazed and Ring Varieties, as my pasalubong.

It was only not Hayley's first but the rest of the family as well. The extra sweet and rich doughnuts got different reactions from the first timers. The not so young were not that in to it, maybe there sense of having a sweet tooth were snatched away by time, while its a different story with the YOUNG. Hayley most especially loves the glazed and the fillings. Do not forget to drink lotsa water after eating a piece of two though.

Here are some doughnut trivia that you will surely love:



For more FUN TRIVIA and news on Krispy Kreme visit their Philippine website by clicking here.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

School Bluez: Hayley's 1st STAR

On her Second week in school, Hayley received her very first STAR! A star for having a PERFECT ATTENDANCE for the first two weeks of classes. She may be tardy but she never missed a class.

For years, prep-schools, day cares and early childhood education uses REWARD in reinforcing effective learning among their pupils. The infamous STAR is the most over used reward among kids. Getting a STAR is a big deal that is why they work harder. 

For parents, REWARDING means getting a little bit EXPENSIVE. Reward connotes to materials gifts for their children. Some may look at it as SPOILING but as study says REWARDS are generally considered more effective than punishment in enforcing positive behavior.

In popular use, positive reinforcement is often used as a synonym for reward, with people (not behavior) thus being "reinforced," but this is contrary to the term's consistent technical usage, as it is a dimension of behavior, and not the person, which is strengthened. Negative reinforcement is often used by laypeople and even social scientists outside psychology as a synonym for punishment. This is contrary to modern technical use, but it was B. F. Skinner who first used it this way in his 1938 book. By 1953, however, he followed others in thus employing the word punishment, and he re-cast negative reinforcement for the removal of aversive stimuli.

Furthermore, REWARDS induce learning, approach behavior and feelings of positive emotions. So do not get frugal with rewarding your kids. 

Go HAYLEY. Go AIM for more STARS!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Back to School Madness- Day 1

First day of classes - Exciting for those bored with a bummer summer. Tiring for those who cannot get enough of the school break. People have different say about the first day of school but for those who will be attending classes for the very first time has another story.

At this year and age when children are being exposed to the learning world as early as Terrible Twos, parents send their precious babies to expensive Nursery Schools. For those with tight budget a Public Day Care is a way to go.

Hayley had a taste of day care last year but she only lasted for a day or two. (click this for related post)

Just turned 3, we thought its high time for her to attend school seriously. We were apprehensive at first, for Hayley cannot speak that well yet in short, she still baby talk, that is why we enrolled her, last minute. 

Now came the official back to school day. Hayley woke an our late, so obviously when she reached her school the First Day Class is over. That did not left the little girl dismayed it even started her ignition aside from the school supplies we bought for her. 

Came the second day. Good thing, she was just in time for the flag ceremony. Let the pictures tell you what transpired.

learning the National Anthem

morning exercises as part of the morning ritual

"ako ay may ulo na aking ginagalaw..."

carpet time: Roll Call

Did I tell you that we enrolled Hayley the last minute? Ah yes. The drawback of enrolling your children late most often than not, is, their names wont be called during roll call. So Hayley, waiting for her name to be mentioned for the longest time get her teacher's attention and finally got called.

First Coloring Task

When asked to color a cake guess what color did Hayley first choose? BLACK. The logic - she often see and eat Chocolate Cake. 

It was exhilarating, seeing Hayley embraced her official first day with such vigor. She was attentive and active. She listens to her teacher and follow instructions.  Tantrum that day was not on her list. Aside from fighting with a boy classmate over a red colored chair, Hayley was very good that day thus making us proud.

Catch more of Hayley's school world in the next days.

Monday, June 7, 2010

the baby is now almost a LADY

Hayley obviously loves posing 

in front of any form of CAMERA...

And the camera also loves her...

The feeling is always MUTUAL!

Here's one of a nice pose 

from our no longer BABY HAYLEY...

the raw picture...

Time fly so fast.

It was like few days ago 

when she spent most of her days 

inside a crib

Now, you cannot make her 

stay put for a minute

She's always on the move.

Running. Exploring. Learning. Mimicking. 

and most of all 

Mastering her being a BRATTINELA.

Whew! GOD help us!

No matter what, 

HAYLEY still makes our heart smile everyday!  

Please dont grow up that FAST!

Grow TALLER though...

edited... (courtesy of Joemar)

Wednesday, June 2, 2010


Just after experiencing her first ever 3D Movie - SHREK FOREVER AFTER, Hayley had the chance of seeing the friendly Ogre Shrek minus his entourage.

Another big thanks to Robinsons Place Gensan for bringing SHREK to General Santos City.

Robinsons - GENSAN did not fail the gensan kids and the young at heart Generals for they were given ample time to have photo-ops with the ever famous OGRE!

Hayley and Moi with Shrek

Expect more of exciting Kiddie Activities and Kiddie treats from Robinsons Place - GenSan. As a matter of fact, Dora the Explorer will also be gracing GenSan on June 5, 2010. (Click this for more details).

two of the Freebies from Shrek Mall Tour

Wednesday, May 26, 2010


At 3, our dear Hayley had her first taste of 3D Movie. This might not be new to most of my readers but for us here in General Santos City, this is a big leap with our movie world.

Big thanks to Robinsons World Cinema for bringing SHREK FOREVER AFTER 3D here in GenSan which was then followed by the KCC Mall of Gensan with the same movie. There goes a healthy competition.

Now back with Hayley's 3D Experience or shall I say HALF-3D Experience. Since the glasses does not fit well with a 3-year old, Hayley takes her glasses off most of the time. She also got frustrated on the very first part of the movie when she cannot touch what seems to be a real-life flower created by the 3D. She ended-up saying "Mami, ayaw hawak flower". But we heard her say the "whooooooooooaaaahhhh", she must be really amazed after all.

Hayley keeping her 3D glasses in place

looks like she enjoyed the movie

And oh, its not only Hayley's first, it was also her Mamis first 3D Experience. So you may say that it was really not a treat for Hayley but for her mamis, just see their happy faces. They simply cannot wait for their next 3D movie.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010


If you had been a follower of HAYLEY's BOX

you probably know how much she loves water.

Once you take her near any type of body of water, 

you cannot get her OUT of it.

Its like taking away NEMO from his daddy.

Thank God for a company party, 

Hayley had another time of her swimming life,

this time at ABCD STARS Swimming Pool.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Hayley's Birthday Soiree

It was a fair weathered Sunday!... We been wishing for a Pool Party but did not made reservations ahead of time, so we made use of the house resources...


April 18, 2010, Louise Hayley Cabanlit is turning 3!..

Three days before the big day, everyone were busy planning and ordering for the party.

1. Balloons!

Mama had ordered two dozens at Kay-Kay!

2. Cake!
      Hayley would have preferred Little Mermaid themed cake but it is not available so settled with Tinkerbell instead.

Chocolate Cake from Cake Gallery
3. Foods!
             We will be preparing the foods so we need to purchase all the essentials. We had Beef Steak, Chicken in white sauce, Dinuguan, Sweet Corn, Afritada, etc...

4. the Party People
         Via SMS and Facebook, friends and relatives were informed of Hayley's party

Aunt Ely, Cousin, Nephew and Nieces

the Party Kids

Hayley has ended babyhood and 
now entering CHILDHOOD stage!.. 
She is now a Terribe 3! 
WE pray to God that we can inculcate good values and 
she will be God-fearing as she grows up! 

Hope you can join us next year as she turns 4!