Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Back to School Madness- Day 1

First day of classes - Exciting for those bored with a bummer summer. Tiring for those who cannot get enough of the school break. People have different say about the first day of school but for those who will be attending classes for the very first time has another story.

At this year and age when children are being exposed to the learning world as early as Terrible Twos, parents send their precious babies to expensive Nursery Schools. For those with tight budget a Public Day Care is a way to go.

Hayley had a taste of day care last year but she only lasted for a day or two. (click this for related post)

Just turned 3, we thought its high time for her to attend school seriously. We were apprehensive at first, for Hayley cannot speak that well yet in short, she still baby talk, that is why we enrolled her, last minute. 

Now came the official back to school day. Hayley woke an our late, so obviously when she reached her school the First Day Class is over. That did not left the little girl dismayed it even started her ignition aside from the school supplies we bought for her. 

Came the second day. Good thing, she was just in time for the flag ceremony. Let the pictures tell you what transpired.

learning the National Anthem

morning exercises as part of the morning ritual

"ako ay may ulo na aking ginagalaw..."

carpet time: Roll Call

Did I tell you that we enrolled Hayley the last minute? Ah yes. The drawback of enrolling your children late most often than not, is, their names wont be called during roll call. So Hayley, waiting for her name to be mentioned for the longest time get her teacher's attention and finally got called.

First Coloring Task

When asked to color a cake guess what color did Hayley first choose? BLACK. The logic - she often see and eat Chocolate Cake. 

It was exhilarating, seeing Hayley embraced her official first day with such vigor. She was attentive and active. She listens to her teacher and follow instructions.  Tantrum that day was not on her list. Aside from fighting with a boy classmate over a red colored chair, Hayley was very good that day thus making us proud.

Catch more of Hayley's school world in the next days.

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