Tuesday, September 8, 2009


Yes i know! it's too early for our little girl to go to school...
but in this fast paced time, children at the age as early as two are being sent to school...

Today, they wore their uniforms for the first time and i just cant keep myself from taking pictures..

here's hayley and her red skirt...

with HAYLEY's case, we sort of enrolled her to a government DAY CARE just to accompany YSAI, our niece...

she is just a SALING-PUSA... she will not be forced to write, read, sing or dance with her classmates..

she can play all her might and just enjoy... no pressure at all..

NOTE: anyone who are willing to sponsor hayley with little black school shoes are welcome..hihihi


  1. sana pwede din tayo pumasok sa skul without being pressured to do assignments, bwahahahahhaha!

  2. @SWEXIE-- hahaha.. uu nga.. wish lang natin.. sana pwede mag enrol sa lawschool taz saling pusa lang..hahaha