Thursday, April 22, 2010

Hayley's Birthday Soiree

It was a fair weathered Sunday!... We been wishing for a Pool Party but did not made reservations ahead of time, so we made use of the house resources...


April 18, 2010, Louise Hayley Cabanlit is turning 3!..

Three days before the big day, everyone were busy planning and ordering for the party.

1. Balloons!

Mama had ordered two dozens at Kay-Kay!

2. Cake!
      Hayley would have preferred Little Mermaid themed cake but it is not available so settled with Tinkerbell instead.

Chocolate Cake from Cake Gallery
3. Foods!
             We will be preparing the foods so we need to purchase all the essentials. We had Beef Steak, Chicken in white sauce, Dinuguan, Sweet Corn, Afritada, etc...

4. the Party People
         Via SMS and Facebook, friends and relatives were informed of Hayley's party

Aunt Ely, Cousin, Nephew and Nieces

the Party Kids

Hayley has ended babyhood and 
now entering CHILDHOOD stage!.. 
She is now a Terribe 3! 
WE pray to God that we can inculcate good values and 
she will be God-fearing as she grows up! 

Hope you can join us next year as she turns 4!