Wednesday, May 26, 2010


At 3, our dear Hayley had her first taste of 3D Movie. This might not be new to most of my readers but for us here in General Santos City, this is a big leap with our movie world.

Big thanks to Robinsons World Cinema for bringing SHREK FOREVER AFTER 3D here in GenSan which was then followed by the KCC Mall of Gensan with the same movie. There goes a healthy competition.

Now back with Hayley's 3D Experience or shall I say HALF-3D Experience. Since the glasses does not fit well with a 3-year old, Hayley takes her glasses off most of the time. She also got frustrated on the very first part of the movie when she cannot touch what seems to be a real-life flower created by the 3D. She ended-up saying "Mami, ayaw hawak flower". But we heard her say the "whooooooooooaaaahhhh", she must be really amazed after all.

Hayley keeping her 3D glasses in place

looks like she enjoyed the movie

And oh, its not only Hayley's first, it was also her Mamis first 3D Experience. So you may say that it was really not a treat for Hayley but for her mamis, just see their happy faces. They simply cannot wait for their next 3D movie.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010


If you had been a follower of HAYLEY's BOX

you probably know how much she loves water.

Once you take her near any type of body of water, 

you cannot get her OUT of it.

Its like taking away NEMO from his daddy.

Thank God for a company party, 

Hayley had another time of her swimming life,

this time at ABCD STARS Swimming Pool.