Sunday, December 8, 2013


Sorry for the camera phone shot, this is the best I can get when Hayley decided to join a screening for a school Fashion Show. Her first, Hayley exuded the confidence and fighting spirit we thought she lacks. Here is the story. I came early to Hayley's school for her lunch when I saw an announcement about the screening. behold, she saw some preschoolers undergoing the screening and she decided she wants to try as well. So we stayed a bit longer for the screening. While waiting, grade schoolers from 1st grade to 6th grade are already playing/practicing their walk for the fashion show screening, while Hayley just stayed at the backstage coaxing her classmates to go first on stage. I told her to watch closely how the elder kids do their walk and should try to imitate. She got envious with the other kids whose moms are coaching them and even going up the stage to the extent of doing the fashion show as well (literal stage mommies on the lose). She wanted me to do the same, instead I told her that she show me her walk and got a bit disappointed when she gave me a shy walk. 

I told her to take a rest as I put on powder and fresh shirt on her. She then sat down beside her teacher who is assigned of the screening so that when the latter will officially start she will be the first on the list and we can go home earlier. Alas, she is. She is number 1 and she is the first one to get out of the stage and strut. 

Seeing her practice walk, we are very anxious to see her finally go on stage and do her thing and to think she will be the very first one to go without nobody to follow. Behold, Hayley surprised us with an all smiling, both hands on waist sexy walk. We cannot help but be proud of our little girl whom we thought does not know how to do fashion show. This little one is really full of surprises. Seeing her on stage is like watching your child's first step.

Now, here is a sad part. Told that those who got in will just receive a text, Hayley kept on asking if her teacher already contacted us about the fashion show but much to our dismay, we did not receive a single text informing us that Hayley got in. Hayley got disappointed but we told her that we would organize a fashion show in our community so she can showcase her talent together with her friends. 

Now, we know, we have an entertainter and model in the making.