Saturday, August 27, 2011

School Bluez: 1st Prelim & Periodical Exam

What are your usual reactions when examination week is approaching? Stomach churn, hands sweaty, constant paranoia, yes, I know, i get it, we tend to get nervous.

So how will you take the fact that your preschooler will be taking their very first examinations? Excited? Maybe. Apprehensive? Probably. Clueless? Right. Whatever your reaction maybe, make sure not to pass on the negative vibe you are having to your child. Do not put on the pressure to your preschooler on ACING the exams. Remember they are still children, more learnings to encounter and more knowledge to store. 

The next move you probably take is to conduct study sessions with your little ones. Problem. She is too preoccupied with her favorite cartoon network shows or her toys. Well, here is some list of the lessons we learned as Hayley took her first written examinations:

1. Before examinations, we only checked her bags for assignments, minding not her other lessons. Now, we know that we should review everyday all her lessons for the day, for familiarization and memory retention. This will also help develop an excellent study habit at an early age.

2. Practice writing often. Practice. PRACTICE. Practice.

3. Play teacher to your preschooler. Patience is a MUST.

4. Have a conducive room for study time. Make sure your child will not be destructed either by noise or any activities by other members of the family. Invest a right-sized study table and a small whiteboard. They are also big factors for a good study habit.

5. Make studying a FUN activity. Do not pressure your child. Avoid scolding and punishing.

6. Practice a REWARD SYSTEM everytime she gets a good score!

some Hayley's exam results

Those are only few of our personal takes on studying with Hayley. As a result here are her scores:

SUBJECT                                      Prelim Score                                              Periodical Score
LANGUAGE                                      20/20                                                          18/20
READING                                          14/20                                                          18/20
FILIPINO                                           18/20                                                          20/20
MATH                                                16/20                                                          30/30
SCIENCE                                           13/15                                                          11/20
VALUES                                             20/20                                                          20/20

Keep it up Hayley Girl!