Monday, January 10, 2011


I envy the young children today. They grew up in an era where they have easy access on almost everything. I was First Year high school when I first touched a computer keyboard and I was scared to break anything. Unlike today when kids as early as Three Years old got PSP's hanging on their fragile neck. These are the changes of our time that we definitely cannot stop.

In this day and age when kids are no longer afraid to touch those high-tech gadgets, their curiosity is extensively common.

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With the sudden sprouting of digital cameras that almost every upper class and average household has, kids are exposed at an early to photography. Little kids can clearly see that the older ones become so addicted of taking pictures and capturing the important events of their lives, that digital cameras become a staple for their everyday living. These kids may just be watching from afar at first, but leave your precious gadgets unattended and within their reach and they will start clicking away.

Most parents may be furious seeing their children holding their expensive cameras. DO NOT GET ANGRY. Do not ever SHOUT at them. Who left those cameras anyway? Instead, keep them more interested and slowly introduce them to the art of taking pictures.

"They might break the cameras", most parents may say. More likely, but if YOU SHOW THEM HOW THEN LET THEM TRY ,there is no more room for apprehension. Just be patient and generous with your encouragement and they will be taking pictures that will make you proud.

Isn't it good that you got something in common with your children? Loving to do the same thing means more time to spend with each other. 
Capitalize on kids curiosity, and sense of adventure when trying to capture their attention and really get them interested in digital photography. It is a fun and rewarding hobby that could actually turn into quite a profitable career, depending on your child's level of interest.  

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Hayley's Last Days of DECEMBER 2010

Welcome 2011! It may sound cliche' but yes time fly so fast. 2010 was a wonderful year for our dear Hayley. She formally started school. She can somehow communicate well. She graduated from her Potty Training and more! One thing we are looking forward for her 2011 is her saying goodbye to her bottles and gaining (a lot) weight.

So before we fill you up with things to do on this year of the rabbit, let us take a look on how she spent her December.

It was a busy December for Hayley so I'll give you some bits and pieces on how her December went. 

Starting off with her school's Christmas Party. The Party place is at Jollibee Highway, where else?. Ask any Pinoy kid which fast food they love best and they will tell you easily its JOLLIBEE! Hayley had fun with the parlor games they played. She proved that she can now follow simple directions and can be competitive in a good way. You can now bring Hayley to any children's party and expect her to be socializing. 

A party held at Jollibee would not be complete without the appearance of the dancing BEE of course - JOLLIBEE! If that bee is around, expect Hayley to be also on his heel.

By the way, this is Hayley's first Christmas Party, at least we got this recorded for future reference.

I tagged Hayley as I attended the 11th General Santos City Youth Achievers' Awarding at the City Hall. I was one of the adjudicator this year and just would not miss the Awarding. Bringing Hayley in this kind of event has its UPS and DOWNS. With BIG people around her, she becomes shy and timid at first. She would never give a chance of losing you from her side. That explains the picture below. But I am proud of Hayley that day, for she seem to know that where we are is a serious event and she never gave me TANTRUMS, despite the fact that she is sleepy. She did sleep in the middle of the program by the way.

I brought her to that event with the thought in my mind that one day, Hayley will be among the Young Achievers of the city.

Hayley's 3rd Christmas Eve Celebration. It was a busy day for the whole family. Last minute shopping, gift wrapping and cooking should have tire her out but the little girl in pink on a Christmas eve was super active. She attended Mass, played with her cousin, danced, sang and waited for the exchanging and opening of gifts. It was a very merry Christmas for Hayley and the rest of the family.

Still cannot get over with the party hours before, Hayley and mama woke up early and distributed toys and candies to the kids in the neighborhood. It is good that in early age, children are taught the goodness of sharing. Let them discover the happiness of doing good to others which they would surely remember as they grow old.

Another party for Hayley was during Mama's Christmas Party with her group. Hayley and the rest of the family did not miss the chance of going upon learning that the venue is at the ABCD Stars Convention Center. The exclusivity of the pool area is what we love most. They have a stand by LIFEGUARD which most of the local resorts in the city do not have. They have this small round pool for toddlers (just the right size for Hayley) and a large pool with 9 feet as the deepest part. The pool area is best for parties with an expected guest of not more than one hundred. ABCD Stars will be featured on my other blog.

New year's eve for Hayley was unlike her Christmas Eve. Straight from the mass Little Hayley fell asleep. And she only woke up just in time for the much awaited Fireworks from the neighborhood. Turotot was also her constant companion that time. The weather was not that friendly as the Philippines welcome the year of the rabbit, so Hayley was not her giddy usual self. 

 As already mentioned, we hope for a heavier and healthier Hayley this 2011! 

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