Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Children's Month Celebration goes FREAK SHOW

October for Day Care Centers mean Children's Month! As practiced, on the third week of the month of October, its culmination is celebrated in different ways. Here in General Santos City, the Day Care Centers under the supervision of the City Social Welfare and Development Office done a series of competition among different Day Cares. Quiz bee, Draw and Tell, Folk Dance among others are the competition held.

As their culminating activity, they usually encourage their pupils to join the sort-of Beauty Pageant( i do not know what they call it). There is nothing competitive about it cause all you have to do is register your child by paying a certain amount and wait if your child's name has been luckily chosen by means of draw lots. In short it is a GAME OF LUCK. 

Now comes the Coronation Day, where you have to dress you kids up like GROWN-UPS! Making them wear those itchy and tight gowns and overdoing their make-up. Add up a disorganized program and the boiling hot weather, expect the kids' TEMPER GO WILD till they end up on your arms, sleeping. Good thing, Hayley decided to wear a comfortable dress to use for the event going away from the norm and we got this HAPPY PICTURE.


papa's girl
tired baby


Let them enjoy their 
childhood nice and slowly 
or you'll end up saying: