Tuesday, July 6, 2010

School Bluez: Hayley's 1st STAR

On her Second week in school, Hayley received her very first STAR! A star for having a PERFECT ATTENDANCE for the first two weeks of classes. She may be tardy but she never missed a class.

For years, prep-schools, day cares and early childhood education uses REWARD in reinforcing effective learning among their pupils. The infamous STAR is the most over used reward among kids. Getting a STAR is a big deal that is why they work harder. 

For parents, REWARDING means getting a little bit EXPENSIVE. Reward connotes to materials gifts for their children. Some may look at it as SPOILING but as study says REWARDS are generally considered more effective than punishment in enforcing positive behavior.

In popular use, positive reinforcement is often used as a synonym for reward, with people (not behavior) thus being "reinforced," but this is contrary to the term's consistent technical usage, as it is a dimension of behavior, and not the person, which is strengthened. Negative reinforcement is often used by laypeople and even social scientists outside psychology as a synonym for punishment. This is contrary to modern technical use, but it was B. F. Skinner who first used it this way in his 1938 book. By 1953, however, he followed others in thus employing the word punishment, and he re-cast negative reinforcement for the removal of aversive stimuli.

Furthermore, REWARDS induce learning, approach behavior and feelings of positive emotions. So do not get frugal with rewarding your kids. 

Go HAYLEY. Go AIM for more STARS!