Monday, June 7, 2010

the baby is now almost a LADY

Hayley obviously loves posing 

in front of any form of CAMERA...

And the camera also loves her...

The feeling is always MUTUAL!

Here's one of a nice pose 

from our no longer BABY HAYLEY...

the raw picture...

Time fly so fast.

It was like few days ago 

when she spent most of her days 

inside a crib

Now, you cannot make her 

stay put for a minute

She's always on the move.

Running. Exploring. Learning. Mimicking. 

and most of all 

Mastering her being a BRATTINELA.

Whew! GOD help us!

No matter what, 

HAYLEY still makes our heart smile everyday!  

Please dont grow up that FAST!

Grow TALLER though...

edited... (courtesy of Joemar)

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