Tuesday, December 14, 2010


This is the nth entry for Hayley's Box where Hayley is either on a beach or a pool!

There are two kinds of kids. Does who are afraid of water and those who you cannot take away from the seashore or a pool once you put them near any of it. 

There is nothing wrong in loving the waters. Do not be so stiff if your children ask you to go swimming with them. Take time to play and enjoy the waters with them. That way, you are teaching your  child to love the waters and learn to swim faster. But do not be too complacent. Make sure to look after them. Give them enough space to learn but still keep your eyes on them. 

Watching from afar

On the other hand, if your kids are not at ease with the waters, do not force them to go in the water right away. Let them feel the sand on their feet first. Allow them to just be on the sidelines while the other kids are enjoying the waves. WAIT. Wait till they tell you that they wanted to get in to the water. That way, you will not scare the kid.You do not want crying babies while you are on the beach right?

Testing the waters

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