Wednesday, June 8, 2011

School Bluez: NEW UNIFORM

As school year 2011-2012 opens, our little girl Hayley will again go to school and this time as a Kindergarten. Good thing that we enrolled her last year in a public day care and she got a taste of what schooling is like. We will no longer have the separation anxiety blues with her. She now knows how to interact with other kids and she somehow know a bit of the basics.

Excited that we are, right after enrolling her, we went to check for a uniform. Way back, we usually have our uniform sewn by our dressmaker neighbor. Gone are the days when in a neighborhood you will find ten dressmakers in a population of fifty people. The sewers grew old became incapable then went on. You cannot find young generation of sewers/dressmakers in the neighborhood anymore. Now, we are having a hard time looking for a cheap yet good dressmaker to make Hayley's new uniform. Good thing, we found someone from the other village who makes quality uniforms for a reasonable price.

For some schools, they sell ready made uniforms for the transferee and freshies. You can either go to the nearest Malls for they might have the uniform you are looking for; or if you have all the money sources in the world, you can go to a high-end designer's boutique and have your uniform sewn there. 

If you are thinking of bulk orders of uniform, you may contact a dress shop who
can handle your order professionally or you can go check online, like for your
Nursing Scrub needs you may check this link:

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