Wednesday, March 9, 2011

School Bluez: COLORING 101

purple for an eggplant
Remember Hayley's first coloring task? The Black Cake? From that day up to this very moment, Hayley comes a long way in terms of her coloring skills.

Enrolling her in a Day Care improved Hayley in different ways. She got more socially interactive, she can identify colors and she can color well. This may be not surprising for anyone at the age of three can do more than that, but again, since her first coloring task until this day, her coloring improved pretty much.

On her play time, she sometimes prefers to play with water colors or let her Ate's draw with her. A note to parents: Find time to sit down with your toddlers before you finally retire your tired body at night. Spend time with your kids doing arts and crafts or just simple coloring if you have no talent with the arts and crafts. You can find in the internet ready-to-color images that you may use for this bonding time. Internet is a friend, just google a favorite cartoon character or an animal that your child wants to color that day, and am sure Good ol' Google will give you an image you are looking for.

Problem. If your kids are so much into coloring and prefer to do the stuff on the wall of your house, if your budget allow you, you can buy them a sheet of plywood. You may get an Art Virtuoso out of your child. Let them explore. Buy them materials if their inclinations are really into it.

the infamous black cake

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