Tuesday, March 22, 2011

School Bluez: Moving Up Ceremony

March 21, 2011Moving-Up Ceremony of Hayley’s Day Care took place at the Social Development Center one afternoon. This is a sort-of graduation/culmination ceremony after ten months of attending Day Care. What makes it different from the Graduation rights is the casual approach of this program compared to the serious and usually stiff program flow you get during graduation.

Messy and noisy yet funny! That is how I will describe the Moving-Up Ceremony. Given that it started an hour late, the children became giddy and restless even producing tantrums for some of them. Add up a hot venue, expect an almost riot situation. Well lets give it to them, kids will be kids. 

Excited and supportive that we are for our Little Hayley, we came before the Call Time with all the props ready at hand. We made sure that the camera(s) got enough memory and sufficient battery, her uniform and costumes were delicately pressed and the kids make-up kit is readily available.

Like the rest of her classmates, Hayley got two ribbons for her beaing Neat and Cheerful. She also got a Certificate of Smartness - MUSIC SMART.

The highlight of the ceremony came during the "Munting Pangarap" intermission of the Day Care Pupils. When they have to dress-up and speak on what they want when they grow up. 

A heartwarming scene also came when the pupils gave flowers to their parents.


  1. Nice Ate Mila. Kinsay admin nimo? I used to have one like this for my angel, I started 4 years ago but have to delete it tungod sa kabusy sa atong mga organization. Wala nako time nga mag-update.

    Congrats Hayley and to the proud mom!

  2. @SNM - thanks for dropping by!