Wednesday, February 23, 2011

How to Make Your Child love FOOD - TIP NO. 1

Let's admit it, most eating days of our children is like going into battle. There will be a lot of shoving, hiding, running and to top it all shrieking. Picky Eaters are everywhere and this is definitely frustrating. Parents only wanted nothing but the best for their children, what more to be healthy especially at an early age.

Hayley for one is one big Picky Eater. Given that children are more sensitive to smell, texture and taste of food makes every feeding a little tedious. We have tried different tactics. Bribery. Punishment and all but it did not work, not until we discovered something effective.

This may work for toddlers. MAKE THEM HELP IN PREPARING THEIR MEALS. Allow them to watch closely as you cook. Let them do the taste test, put spices or ingredients and stir perhaps. That way, they would think that they are the one who cooked the food they are going to eat, making them appreciate the food and eat it without you being pushy. This works for Hayley. 

Lets bear in minds that the eating habits of our children also depends on our eating habits.