Saturday, November 5, 2011

Hayley's Halloween 2011 Gimik

Hayley's Halloween 2011

In the US, Halloween is said to be the next Christmas. Here in the Philippines, where almost all its inhabitants are Christians, that thought is far from possible, for now.

Due to western influences, some exclusive subdivisions or villages in the Philippines organized Trick or Treat activities for its residents, Malls also joined the bandwagon by offering halloween special for its customers.

Hayley had her share of Halloween experience. Since we do not live in an exclusive subdivision who offers halloween activities and trick or treating is not in the vocabulary of our neighbors, we brought her to the mall to get a taste of Halloween.

Clad in a hand me down witch costume (thanks TATO and his adorable alaga) and an inexpensive registration, Hayley joined the very first FrightFest in General Santos City, mounted brought by a group called Circle of Arts at Gaisano Mall of Gensan.

Hayley @ Frightfest 2011

Still cannot get enough of the feast, when we visited our dearly departed at the Forest Lake Memorial Park, she again wore a costume, this time a Fairy, while she lent her witch costume to her friend.

Hayley @ Forest Lake

See you next Halloween!

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