Saturday, March 5, 2016

Class Picture 2015-2016

Hayley will be a 4th grader next school year. So how is she? Up to this date, she is still using the same set of uniform she was using since Grade 1. Yeah she did not grow much, she got a bit taller though. A bit alarming because she is still a picky eater thus the small frame.

When it comes to her academic performance, she is doing okay. Though not excellent but she somehow delivers. She still is part of the honor list. She gets intimidated with her English Speaking classmates, but is trying hard to keep up. She is consistent Top 3.

 A whiner, you would often hear her complain about being bullied by her classmates maybe because of her size. I feel sorry for her that is why I am encouraging her to eat more so she would be able to fight back.

She wants to perform. You would find her dancing when nobody is watching and is a trying hard singer. That is why, for the last three summers, we enrolled her in a dancing class and there is no plan of stopping. Last January, she joined for the first time a beauty contest and I conclude that she really loves to have audience. Maybe we have an "artista" in the making.

Still a baby of the family, she wants everyone's attention and she deserves it!

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