Monday, June 10, 2013

School Bluez: 1st Grader Hayley

Its almost a year since this page was updated. Admin got lazy and preoccupied that long. So here's Hayley with her latest.

Hayley's New School Uniform - Gala

She is now 6 and just entered Grade School. Since her last school only caters to pre-schoolers we went out and checked which school is best for her. In choosing her school we made a self-imposed requirements: there should be not more than 20 students in her class, should have to history of dengue case, should be secure and if possible not expensive. We checked four schools both public and private but Hayley fell in love with Shalom Crest Wizard Academy. Crashing out the last requirement of not being painful to the wallet, we enrolled her to the school she likes.

Hayley's New School Uniform -P.E.

Like any other young pupils, First day of school is a big deal for them. They cannot sleep at night because they are so excited. They prepare the things they need and the things they will wear the night before. We hope they will retain the kind of drive and energy they have on the 1st day.

The night before her 1st Day. Excited much!

Expect more updates from Hayley as she enters Grade School.

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